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Areas of Expertise

We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that everything is possible.

ICEN comprises of a global collection of designers, engineers and sustainability consultants and advisors who share the same vision for technologically-inspired, sustainable design.


Aged Care

Our comprehensive portfolio in the aged care sector has seen us support a range of new build and refurbishment aged care and community living facilities, both profit and non for profit organisations.



With extensive experience working on tall buildings, our team is used to projects that exceed 40 stories. Providing Fire, Electrical and Mechanical Systems services.


Cultural / Community

Delivering cost-effective solutions that adopt the local requirements and provide useable well-thought spaces in local communities and towns.



Working with public and private school clients, we are well-served with ESFG requirements. Providing solutions to GLSs, Performing Arts Complexes, and Colas in new and refurbishment spaces.



Our global team of engineers are highly experienced in planning and implementing world-class healthcare facilities and supporting high-quality healthcare operations by aligning people, processes and assets.


Hospitality / Resort

With broad experience across the hospitality and resort sectors across Asia Pacific, we represent both clients and contractors to provide solutions that generate ambience for patrons.



Industrial services are provided to create efficient solutions for large distribution businesses including Australia Post and defence and health industrial related businesses.



Working in alignment with global partners to complement their teams for all residential property transactions. Services include Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic, Fire and Vertical Transportation Services 


Retail / Mixed Use

With an extensive retail portfolio with some of Asia Pacific's most notable brands, retail projects include shopping centres, shop fronts and retail precincts.


NSW Health Infrastructure

In recent years we have successfully delivered consulting projects for NSW Health, providing Design and Assessment services.

Australia Post

Australia Post is a long-standing client. With large systems, these projects retain a degree of complexity requiring attention to detail.

Private Healthcare

Working with a collection of private hospitals, we work with designers and sub-contractors on a design and construct basis to anticipate the requirements of client-side and technical user groups. 

Residential and Commercial Property

We are active in the residential and commercial property space, delivering Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic, Fire and Vertical Transportation services for several major commercial and residential building developers and owners. 

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